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The Pocket Suite

TPS’s practice focuses on the convergence of three domain specialties that have become imperative to today’s digitally inspired brands – Big Data, Customer Experience, and Results-focused Culture.

The Pocket Suite (TPS) is a boutique growth strategy consulting firm founded by three C-Suite executives.The firm specializes in developing customer centric marketing and growth strategies and helping brands understand how to differentiate themselves. The firm offers a proprietary process that helps its clients understand who their most valuable customers are and develop a superior, targeted value proposition and customer experience to both acquire them and win their loyalty.

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What Brings Us Together

Sets Us Apart

  • Experience Matters

    The Pocket Suite team members are all former C-suite and senior leadership level executives who have a track record of accomplishments and operating experiences – from strategic development to tactical execution.   Moreover, we have had failures and made mistakes that we learned from which are as important as successes.  Our customers will not get “consultant speak” from us because we don’t know how.

  • Mindset Matters

    We engage as if we are standing members of our customer’s team.  We will live and breathe their business, and are committed to their success over the long haul.  While our engagement with them may be episodic, we will never just focus on the short term.

  • Integrity Matters

    We promise our customers that we will never give them advice or recommendations that they ‘want’ to hear.  We will be brutally honest with our thoughts and ideas, even if this makes them uncomfortable.  Our job is to come up with the best idea, not the most convenient solution or approaches to issues.

  • Relationship Matters

    We know that we are in the “people” business, and great work comes from great partnerships.  As a service provider to our customers, we HAVE to earn their trust from day one.  We will earn this by doing what we promise.  When we don’t know the answer, we will tell them so and also tell them how we will go about finding the solution.  We will always set the proper expectation with them.  We will always be brutally honest and open with our thoughts and actions.  This is how we will earn our customer’s trust.